i need help on making a login page and register page that will be linked together using access. can anyone teach mi the step to make it?

Kindly post what you have done so far. Post where you are struck.

i'm currently making a rental car project. now i juz need to make a login page which the user can register and access it using access.

anyone can teach mi?

add another form to your project ex.frmlogin
have two textboxes there one for username one for password
add two comand buttons one for login one for cancel
add adodc to make connection to database
in command login click event search your database for username and check if password matches

adodc??? mine is vb 2005... i juz need the step to link them 2gether and the code to make it work only.

Add to your components (right click on toolbar)
microsoft ado data control
do you have that?

izzit the ADODC?

yes, do you know how to use it?

sry i don noe.. teach mi plz ty

let's call the adodc adologin,the table tbluser

'make connection to database
adologin.connectionstring = 'enter path of where your database is
'Select from your table the name and password entered
adologin.recordsource = "Select * from tbluser where name = '"  & txtname & "'" &  _
"And password = '" & txtpassword & "'"
'if no match is found recordset points to end of file
If adologin.recordset.eof = true then
msgbox("wrong entry")
exit sub
end if
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