I f I enter the name of a any person in an InputBox and I want that name to appear in a MessageBox, who do I do this? Exmaple: If I enter Bill, I want to see in the MessageBox: Bill, but if I enter Lucy I want to see Lucy in the Messagebox.

a=InputBox("Enter name:")

Thank you for helping me. I know how to do what you just sent me but I need something like this:

strName=Val(InputBox("Enter name:"))
MsgBox prompt, , "Will have:"

I need to see before Will the name that the person entered in the InputBox, everytime any person enter a name it should change in the message box.

b=MsgBox(a & "Will have:")

Thank you so much!!!! I did it.

You're welcome.just mark your thread as solved...

Can you help me one more time? If I have this:

curSalary= MsgBox (Name & "Salary would be:" & curSalary)

How can I put the dollars symbol $ before the Salary in dollars, example:

Lucy Salary would be: $ 20,000.

just as simple as this:

curSalary= MsgBox (Name & "Salary would be: $" & curSalary)

Oh okay. So I can't add FormatCurrency so I can have the dollar symbol plus the comas and only two decimals after the point?, example: $ 20,000.35

it can also.try this:

money=Format(curSalary, "$##0.00")

curSalary= MsgBox (Name & "Salary would be:" & money)

No I can't do that because the salary would also be changing so I can't specified one salary.
Salary is also entered in an Inputbox an any person would enter any salary.

Try it directly: curSalary= MsgBox (Name & "Salary would be:" & Format(curSalary, "$#,###0.00")) Just add "#" sign if you need it.

You are the best!!!! Thank You very, very, very much.