hi guys

how do you export your database to html format?

my project goes like this: we built a simple music manager that adds, edits, deletes, searches and sorts records (that's track listings) excluding the multimedia part (i.e. play a track, etc.. our prof didn't require us to do that, just simple file manipulations...) . we already did all that but got stuck with our prof's last requirement, exporting all the track listings/ records to HTML in table format. please help! thanks!

Do you know what an HTML table looks like?

Do you know how to receive a listing of the tracks using JDBC?

Well, get your listing and loop over it inserting the TD tags around each field and TR tags around each row.

no , our prof didn't taught us how to use JDBC. wait a minute, can you actually write html tags together with your java code? is that permissible?

It's not suggested, but you didn't say whether your class was only servlets, only JSP with scriptlets (both of these first are not the correct way), or whether it is with full BEAN/tag/Whatever support (which is the correct way), or whether your class is a simple standalone and you should just produce a "sstatic" html page.

i think it's the last one you said. i have to produce a html file from the track listings in the music manager database and that my code is pure hard coded...