hi guys need some help

im doing a website with database support.

ive already created the html page with css styling ...with the normal layout wit div tags and rollovers and stuff...
I need to make it a jsp page but when i copied the html as it is to the jsp page.. rollovers and some other features are lost..
why is this?

plz recomend a solution..just started on jsp's
cant i do all the stuff i do in a normal html page on jsp's?
which is the better thing to do make in html and use jsp's only for the stuff that needs dynamic change?

The following thread is pretty good tutorial on how to manage your database connectivity in JSPs, created by Peter one of the moderators here.


Here is the Java EE 5 tutorial also a very useful resource:

Also you might find the following javadocs useful when you are searching for certain
classes / methods with some functionality


Also use your JSP as mentioned in the tutorial just for displaying your data, your processing / business logic should be written in Java (Beans or in the form of an API, to which you just pass data from here and get back the results for display) only, So in case if in the future you change your view layer from JSP to say Swing your processing logic will not need to be touched.

hey thanks alot for replying,
didnt have to go thru the whole tutorial yet just chcked it out, can iget in touch wit u if i need to clarify anything

and one more thing
in the front page i want to include a login for users
how should i get about it?
write a complete jsp page
or html page with a redirect or something like that?

which is the better thing to do?

thanks again

Better search the forum first for your issue and then make a thread (if no such similar threads exist), I will help if I can, but there are a lot more guys much better than me (and wouldn't mind sticking with you for hours) who also wouldn't mind helping you out as long as you show the effort from your side, Also (although you haven't as yet) don't PM that would just irritate people, if we know we will answer in the thread else we won't if we do not know.


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