Hi, I need help with what to start with...

Allegro or DirectX or something else???

I program in C++, and I have found the books, but what should I start with as a beginner???

Thanks in advance!!! ;)

What is it you wish to accomplish by learning these frameworks?

Oops! Right.. Umm

Forgot a point there, sorry! :cheesy:

I wish to start game programming!

Thanks for looking at my thread, I really need help! :cheesy:

There is a reasonably high learning curve for both DirectX and OpenGL for game programming.

Have you programmed GUIs before? If you haven't I'd recommend you start out with glut and OpenGL. I personally started with glut and OpenGL. glut provides you with many convenience facilities for GUI apps.

NeHe is a great site for beginning. Loads of tutorials.

Have fun! if you make any cool graphics, let me know.
Oh also check out this cool prog < 64k


Have a look at SDL--it's pretty nifty.


I will look at SDL and OpenGL, and I have not programmed GUIs before.

If there's anything else you want to say, please do...

Thanks for the help! :cheesy:

Could you recommend any books about Game Programming???