could anyone help me with that:)?
If so...send me a mail <snip email>

THX in advance

can you kindly specify your need in greater detail....

OK (my english is a little rusty)

Perhaps this picture will help...(it's in Slovene:))

But anyways,her it's what's has to be done:
-i have a signal generator (8-bit, 0...255), from where I get a char(1 byte), then this char has to be "coded" in a way that "kodiranje" picture shows
-then this two bytes must be sent to COMport
-this I had done (up to here):)

For the following part I need help:
-the two bytes sent to COMport must be "decoded" in a way that "odkodiranje" picture shows

Program is written in DevC++

If you want I can send you my source.


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