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I have completed a vb6 application that uses sql2000 database. I have sql client installed on my pc. I want to install the application on a machine that does not have sql on it. Will it work or do I need to install sql on the clients machine.

Please help.

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you have to install the sql server 2000 rdbms on the client machine along with your application. it is not possible to run your apps in the machine where sql is not installed as your apps will not access the databases and its associated tables. hope it will help you. but you can install them in any order.


Thanks guys but first I want to try ODBC connection, because the client dont have to see the sql database or tables. She just needs to see the application


The application would actually run, but as they said, it cannot access the database and probaby get an error... But if you are trying to access the SQL on using a client.. you should first establish a connection between the CLIENT and the unit where the SQL is installed... then the application would work..

hope it helps.

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