hi All,
I m new to c#.I m using a HTML table in web browser control and wants to get the rowid of the clicked row in HTML table.bt dont have any idea how to get.
IS there any method for getting the row id of the clicked cell.
Please help me in solving the problem thanx in advance.

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if you used GridView, DataList, .... controls you can bind the data to them and get the value of something if you clicked (or take a specific action) on specific row.
but html table used for alignment and design requirements...

oooh, that's ASP.NET not HTML, if you need to learn asp.net go to www.asp.net you'll find all resources to be professional web developer ;)

No Sir,
I have only Html files and i have to access it in c# sothst i can use that module in my application.
isn't there any method in c# by which i can get the clicked row's Id.
Please help.

how can u got the data inside the tables (access db) by html, if you could by Java Script you can't identity the rows let me give you example
can u give a way if you pressed on number 6 tell you that u clicked on the 4th row??!!

u've raw data without any specific structure so you can't make use else read it.

Sorry Sir,
i m not accessing Access tables ,in fact i m using tables created in Html using<table>,<tr>,<td > tags.
I think u misuderstood me.
Am i right????????

yes, I am; but my answer for what I understood and what you mean.
else you in each row have a value you assign. HTML == static

Hi manjusaharan,
I think I understand exactly what you are going to do
I write this code for you and checked. I am sure it is going to help you.

wb is a web browser component

   foreach (HtmlElement  htmlobj in  wb.Document.All)
            if (htmlobj.TagName =="TABLE")
                foreach (HtmlElement htmlTableTD in htmlobj.Document.All)
                    if (htmlTableTD.TagName == "TD")
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