Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this question. I've just downloaded the free jbuilder foundation application. I've used an earlier version of jbuilder(1.01) and when I create a new project, I simply add the files I need to the project, make the project and then I can run or debug it. With this new version however, I am able to successfully compile my project but when I want to run or debug it, the edit runtime configurations dialog box keeps popping up. I have the following settings:
Name: Configuration1
Build Target: Make
Type: Application

I have nothing specified in main class, VM paramaters or Application parameters. When I click ok on the edit runtime config dialog, a message pops up that says "Unable to start runtime due to incomplete configuration". I'm very new to programming and jbuilder so could anyone shed some light on this problem of mine. What extra config info do I need to put in? Thanks very much

which version of JBuilder are you using ? I am using JBuilder 7 and I am hoping to get JBuilder 9.