I'm wondering what steps I have to take to make progress in my programming skills. I am just starting my first semester as a computer engineer, and I picked up a lot of the syntax relatively quickly but I still have trouble solving a lot of the problems we get. I am just wondering what kind of ... training? ... I should undergo for myself to make sure by the time I'm out of college I'll have good enough skills in programming (not just C++ of course) that I can start a career for myself. I want to be very good at what I do.

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First of all...welcome...and i hope you'll enjoy it here. To answer your question...you'll just need to practice...and after that you...practice...it's the only way to succeed in c++ or programing for that matter. If you have specific problems when trying to do a program...please post the source code here along with what you think may be wrong. Also post the errors you get, so we can take a look and help you. This site/forum provides great tutorials and snippets, that you'll find quite easy to follow along. They'll help to get a basic idea of whats going on. Again welcome aboard and start posting....

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