Re: sending sms using 80 80

if you r intrested in developing your own source code.....go to

Re: sending sms using 80 80


Why don't you try Txtimpact.

They provide Activ X as wel as HTTP API.

Here is the site

Try it............

Re: sending sms using 80 80

Hello There,

I have Done Similar Work For My local Client.There are Third Party Component i am using But it Provide Source Code in VB.Net So you Can Change According to your Requirement.But i Ch rage you little bit for you.

Please Contact me on [email]<<Email Snipped>>[/email] For More Details Only Contact if you Ready to paid

Thank you.

Re: sending sms using 80 80

SAFCo Software's TextMessagePLUS also has free software that will do this. The advantage is you do NOT need to know the recipients carrier.

Re: sending sms using 80 80

Simple Code Send SMS via AT Command :

                With SerialPort1
                    .Write("at+cmgf=1" & vbCrLf)
                    .Write("at+cmgs=" & Chr(34) & TextBox1.Text & Chr(34) & vbCrLf)
                    .Write(TextBox2.Text & Chr(26))
                End With
            Catch ex As Exception     

    End Try
Re: sending sms using 80 80

Well in my case we have bought sms and we have a website so I just simplified my work by creating a simple php file which gets data to be sent then it sends the sms. In my I call this file and feed it with required data to complete.

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