ok im made a visual basic form added a 3 command buttons 1 exits and 2 go to different forms and then i have a text1 and i have a save button at the top its on the mnu but the thing is is when i put the code down theres an error on line 3. heres the code and the error is underlined

 Private Sub mnuFileSave_Click()
    Dim sFile As String
    [u]If Left$(ActiveForm.Caption, 8) = "Document" Then[/u]
        With dlgCommonDialog
            .DialogTitle = "Save"
            .CancelError = False
            'ToDo: set the flags and attributes of the common dialog control
            .Filter = "All Files (*.*)|*.*"
            If Len(.FileName) = 0 Then
                Exit Sub
            End If
            sFile = .FileName
        End With
        ActiveForm.rtfText.SaveFile sFile
        sFile = ActiveForm.Caption
        ActiveForm.rtfText.SaveFile sFile
    End If

End Sub

and my second question is instead of it saving everything as a rtf, all files, etc. how do i make it so that it will only save it as a .bat files, what should i change about it.

plz some1 help me thanks, archangel

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As you said you have textbox in your form which named "ActiveForm". if I'm right so you have to write ActiveForm.text instead of ActiveForm.caption. caption is used for a lable


ActiveForm refers to Active Child Form of the MDI Form. In your project make both the form's as Child of the mdi form, by seting MDIChild=True


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