My name is Hamka.And i wanna ask about my home work.In Delphi off course.I have try in 3 day`s but still cannot understand how to create / code it :( :(

@ form1

//label// please input the number or string : _____________ //-> edit1 |process| //-> button


____________ //-> edit2

____________ //-> edit3

____________ //-> edit4

____________ //-> edit5

____________ //-> edit6

MY lecture only give this clue
1.When input string 'B' at edit1, then at edit2 will show 'A' and edit3 will show 'B'

2.When input string 'E' at edit1,then at edit2 until edit 6 will show string 'A','B','C','D','E'

3.When input number '5' at edit1 then at edit2 will show '1', edit3 will show '2', edit4 will show
'3',edit5 will show '4',and edit6 will show '5'

i hope some1 will help me about my home work

Thank you :)

Everything happens when you hit the [Process] button. So add an OnClick method and inside that just check to see what value edit1.text string is, and set the other edit text strings appropriately.

Good luck.