I want to create an application and want to DEPLOY it (to make an EXE file), so that i can write it to a CD , and when i copy the EXE file to another system and click on that file, i should be able to run that application.....................how can i do that?

If you dont use visual studio, download a free copy of Visual C# Express from Microsoft.

Create a project for your application in Visual Studio and code it.

Build the project (F6 is the shortcut I think) inside visual studio.

Browse to the project directory (usually My Documents\Visual Studio [releaseyear]\Projects\ApplicationProjectName\ApplicationProjectName)

Open the bin Folder, and then the release folder. An exe should be there.

**just some notes:

The target computer will need the .NET framework installed (I would recommend version 3 for good compatibility). There is no workaround (for brevity's sake, and to not confuse you).

Visual C# Express includes a publish tool for clickonce deployments. I don't like it but you can try it out and see if it is suitable for you. You can access it though the menu (Project >> Publish)

Hope this helps.

You can compile any program into binaries but those binaries have requirements most of the time. Such as for C# it requires the host machine have the .NET Framework (at least version used to compile).

Like the previous poster said, click once is also available and i use it at work and personally love it. It requires the host machine have no knowledge what so ever of anything .NET Framework related as click-once can package those requirements in the install.