I am a beginner of visual basic programming. I know form designing and can write the source code also.But i would like to know how can i store my data in the project or programming.Means how to create and use databases in VB. Please give me the reply as soon as possible.

Sai Kishore

That is quiet simple but too vast to expalin over here. Please follow a good book for the same. You also find a lot of related topic / code here by using the search utility in this forum itself.

check out this sample project.

I had this same question several years ago.

I went to "RentACoder.com" and posted a project that simply had the code required to open a DB which also included a database.

all i had to do was to use it like a "Rosetta Stone"

as i recall i paid less than $100.00.

I trhink it is better to learn by youself than paying to anyone fo these simple things.

I agree, it is better to learn independantly but in my case it was a "time" issue. I needed
the info quick.

Do you have this line in your code


sorry wrong post

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