hello im a new here
and also i am a new student of C++
i have to make these programes in next 1 hrs can u help me in making these 3 programes
1: take input from user,check whether the given no. is even or not.

2:take input from user, check whther the given no. is odd or not.

3:take input from user, chek whether the given no. is prime or not.

can anyone plzz make these programes for me
i shall be thankful to u

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Ali, this site have a policy of not to help some one unless you haven't done something your self..

First code your self then if you get into something wrong then the site will probably help you out.

If you have done a little bit of code then show us and tell us what help you want

int main()
int i;
for(i=0; i<=100; i+=2){
return 0;

now tell me what is the output???

i just made it
and plzz help me making in program for prime numbers

>>i have to make these programes in next 1
:D Why did you wait until now to get started ??? (Don't answer that, its a rhetorical question). No one here really cares that you wasted so much of your time. If you don't care enough to study then we don't care enough to help you.

>>can anyone plzz make these programes for me
No -- this is not a code whorehouse, it does you no good for us to do your homework for you.

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