20 student apply an exam, the mark of the exam is out 10, write a C++ program to do the following:
1- read students grades and store in student _ grade array.
2- find the frequency (number of occurrences of each grade.
3- find the mode (number that occurs most often, for example, 1,1,1,2,3,3,4,5
1 is the mode.
4-calculate the mean.
5- print the result as follows:
for example
Student grade Frequency
0 1
2 0
3 2
4 5

mode: --

thank you

Read the answers to this thread and here too.

are you understand what that Question it want ? [this start]

that Question have tow loop and the mark it must be between 0 and 10, for that for every
mark we must be operate with the mark on tow form first it must between( 0 -10)
2nd we count the frequence for it and we must enter 20 marks.
this is my Question? if you know what the answer please help me.
thank you.

>>are you understand what that Question it want ?
You did not ask a question -- all you did was post the homework you were given.

First, do you know what mean, median, and mode are and how to calculate them? If not, look them up and understand the math.

To solve the problem you will want to put the values array to hold all 20 student's grades. Then perform the calculations using that array.