Ok, I want to say in advance that I am simply looking for insight right now. I regret to admit *lol* that I'll probably be back asking about something else soon after.

I need to write a program using binary trees that functions, essentially, like a concordance. I simply need to read in a file, and compile a report of some sort that calculates how many times each word exists in that file. Eventually, I need to draw up some sort of visual tree that displays the structure of the tree.

Can I get some ideas? Beyond writing the code to read in the file, I don't really know where to start. Additionally, I don't really know how to implement trees in C# (I have only seen Java, but still a little confused how to actually build it). Anybody got links for some good resources? Or some basic algorithms? Perhaps some code involving the construction of binary trees?


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That was helpful, but I must admit I dont even really know where to start. Anybody done anything like this before? I seriously need help....lol



I've worth with tree's plenty, and i know how to count words in a file.

What specific problem do you need help with, lets see some code that your stuck on perhaps.

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