I've just started a new job two weeks ago, and as a first project I want to create a VB stle front end that will be used to co-ordinate documents in a control room. Looking for some help as I want to work on this next week so I can have it up and running ASAP. Help is VERY MUCH appreciated in this respect. (I did complete a basic night class course 4 years ago, but haven't had the need to use it in my previous job) Hence the advice...
I currently have a form with 6 tabs and a total of 24 command buttons that when clicked, will open existing excel files. (Each button will be an individual file) These will be transfer logs, that once opened, must have full excel capabilities. ie at the end of a shift they will be saved /edited and closed. Hence, when the VB form is exited and re-opened, clicking on the command button again will bring up the latest 'saved' version etc.

I'm looking for, if possible, the best and easiest method of doing this ie. Automated, OLE etc, so I can at least start looking into it in more detail (Google and scouring through the five books I purchased 4 years ago!!!)

Thanks in advance for any advice, and you can be sure that your help will put this idea into good use in the new control room (Largest wind turbine farm in Europe under construction...)

Why don't you go for database connection instead of storing all that in Excel files. By using databse you will have better data security and reporting options.