I am working on a project that inputs stock information from files, then outputs the information when the customer is called upon. I am doing pretty good, but am stuck. This is what I have.

for (int k = 0; k < namevector.size(); k++){     //namevector is a vector of type 
		otherfile.close();                                             customer(defined as a class)
		if (!otherfile.is_open()){
				cout << "Can't open the customers stock file" << endl;
		otherfile >> symbol >> numshare >> price;
		stockvector.push_back(stocks);           //stockvector is vector of type stock 
                                                                          which is defined as a class
		cout << "Enter customer name, or exit" << endl;
		cin >> command;
		for (int n = 0; n < 3; n++){
	if (command == namevector[n].getname()){
		cout << "found person" << endl;
		for(int m = 0; m < 3; m++){
			cout << namevector[n].getstock(m).getnumshare()<<
				namevector[n].getstock(m).getprice() <<
				namevector[n].getstock(m).getnumshare() * namevector[n].getstock(m).getprice() << endl;

The problem (I believe) is that when I read the data in from the files (there is a seperate file for each customer) it puts all of it into the same stockvector, so that when I try to call for a specific customer, it doesn't match up with the stock for that customer. Can I create more than one stockvector, or is that impractical?
Please let me know if you need any more code, like my class functions, but I don't believe they are the problem, although I could be wrong.