Hello I am new to Unix. Please help me out.
My Scenario:
I am first collecting all the file names present in the directory with structure myinfo/yourinfo/supplierinfo
I have four files with the names myCollector.java, yourCollector.java, someCollector.java, everyCollector.java. in the directory.

I am reading the file name and i am getting myinfo/yourinfo/supplierinfo/myCollector.java. and the such string for other files.
I am spliting it to get only substring "myCollector" from the above string which is stored in variable progexe.

How can i access this variable outside awk so that i can run that java class.

source ~/.login
pruneclass="$(find myinfo/yourinfo/supplierinfo -name "*llector.java*")"

echo "$pruneclass"| awk '{
                                z=split($0,flds," ")
                                p2 = length(progcompile)
                                progexe=substr(exetemp,0,length(exetemp)-5)        [inline] # Please dont worry about the above code [/inline]
	              print progexe         [inline]                        # i am getting myCollector, yourCollector,someCollector and everyCollector. How can i access the value of variable and array outside awk.   [/inline]
	              print progexearr[i]               

#echo $progexe      [inline] # Not able to get value of progexe or array progexearr here [/inline]
#java -classpath $CLASSPATH:. $progexe

OR i have used another approach which is.....

source ~/.login
pruneclass="$(find myinfo/yourinfo/supplierinfo -name "*llector.java*")"
st=(echo "$pruneclass")
                            for (( j = 0 ; j <= ${#st[*]} ; j++ ))
                                #echo ${st[*]}
                                #echo "${st[$j]}"
                                #echo ${st[j]}
               #javac ${st[$j]}                         [inline] # Here the string is myinfo/yourinfo/everyinfo/myCollector.java which is compiling absolutely fine [/inline]
              #java -classpath $CLASSPATH:. ${st[$j]}          [inline]    # But here i want only substring "myCollector" in order to execute it. How do i split the string values of array to get the substring "myCollector".                                       [/inline]

Any help would be really appreciated. I am trying it for 3 days and not yet successful.
Thanks in advance.

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If I understand correctly all you need is just:

for prog in /myinfo/yourinfo/supplierinfo/*Collector.java;do
	java -classpath "$CLASSPATH:." "${progname%.java}"

sorry sir, its not working

actually while executing the java program we need only program name without .java extension

i.e. java myCollector #No .java as extension

that is the reason that i am trying to split the string either using awk or spliting string in array

but a great thanks radoulov...for taking interest to help me

what is the output of the following block on your system, here's mine:

$ ls -l myinfo/yourinfo/supplierinfo/*Collector.java
-rw-r--r-- 1 radoulov radoulov 0 2007-11-27 09:48 myinfo/yourinfo/supplierinfo/everyCollector.java
-rw-r--r-- 1 radoulov radoulov 0 2007-11-27 09:48 myinfo/yourinfo/supplierinfo/myCollector.java
-rw-r--r-- 1 radoulov radoulov 0 2007-11-27 09:48 myinfo/yourinfo/supplierinfo/someCollector.java
-rw-r--r-- 1 radoulov radoulov 0 2007-11-27 09:48 myinfo/yourinfo/supplierinfo/yourCollector.java
$ for prog in myinfo/yourinfo/supplierinfo/*Collector.java;do
>    progname="${prog##*/}"
>    echo "Your command will run this:
>    java -classpath "$CLASSPATH:." "${progname%.java}""
> done
Your command will run this:
   java -classpath :. everyCollector
Your command will run this:
   java -classpath :. myCollector
Your command will run this:
   java -classpath :. someCollector
Your command will run this:
   java -classpath :. yourCollector
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