I would like to create an application that would, after manipulating a text file, log on to a private FTP site and PUT that text file onto the server, and then logout.

I have the code to manipulate my text file and make it ready for sending and I have read that in VB documentation about the Internet transfer protocol. I wonder where in the code I need to declare the required settings like :

[Inet1.Proxy = "XXX.XXX.X.XX"
Inet1.AccessType = icNamedProxy]

and if this would work or not?

[With Inet1
.URL = "ftp://ftp.someFTPSite.com"
.UserName = "XXXXXXX"
.Password = "XXXXXXX"
.Execute , "PUT", "TEXTFILE.TXT"
.Execute ,"CLOSE" ' Close the connection.
End With]

Thanks for your precious help.