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Iam developing my appliction in vs.net2003 & ms access.I am creating reports using crystal report.I want to filter the output of report.User has to select the option which data has to be display in reports.I used the parmeter wizard to sort data.But if I add new data in database it display blank report.What goes wrong I don't know.Plz help me

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to filter u can use CrystalReportViewer.SelectionFormula;
For examaple To filter by a Customer_Id = 1
u can use
CrystalReportViewer.SelectionFormula ="Where Customer_Id = 1"

if u r using multiple selection formula u hav to use "and" or "or" to combine it

i think Arshad already give the solution

CrystalReportViewer.SelectionFormula() = "{Student.id_student}='" & Trim(txtIdStudent.text) & "' "

Student is the table Name & id_student is parameter

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