I'm working on an MP3 player for Visual Studio:C++, and I've already realized this is wayyy more than I thought it'd be.

I'm at a standstill right now with 2 things, any help would be greatly appreciated:

1) Playing back an MP3 file. I'm building this thing from scratch, and I don't know if theres a common windows component that can do this. I can get the file name from a textbox, so now i just need to get over that hump of actually playing back the file.

2) Exploring folders for the file to play (granted I take out the textbox with the actual path). I got nothing here either.

As you can probably tell, Im pretty new to Visual Studio's take on C++. I've been using Dev-C but as far as GUI goes, Visual Studio made it alot easier, I didn't think the programming would be that bad. Once again, its a monster I never looked at until I got there.

I've been doing Google Searches and looking in MSDN for the past 5 days, so hopefully someone can help me. Once again, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys.

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Visual C++ Full , Express or old (a.k.a 6) ?

If its the full one you can use MFC + The windows media player control


yeah, the MFC or the .NET CLR appwizard should be able to generate a form for file browsing quite easialy, ot you could use the "windows common control" and then you could use either the COM or .NET windows media player object.

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