Craete an application named TestHockeyPlayer that instantiates and displays a HockeyPlayer object. The HockeyPlayer class contains fields for a player's name (a string), jersey number (an integer), and goals scored (an integer)

Create a question that shows you have actually done some work yourself on this, what that work is and where you need help with it.

So far all you've shown is an ability to copy a homework question. Badly.

DaniWeb is not here to do your homework for you.

There is some critical information missing in your question:
1) You are supposed to display the information from a object. What information from the object are you supposed to display? In what way are you supposed to display it?
2) Where is your effort to answer the question already? What specific aspects of the question/program are you having difficulties with?

This information will be required in order to answer the question.

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