Write a program in C++ to prepare a frequency distribution table of the percentage marks in Computer studies of sixty students, to be taken as inputs, into the following categories

Category    Marks(%)
Fail    0-34
Pass    35-59
Good    60-79
Very Good   80 and above

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Write a question, in plain English, that explains exactly what problems you are having with your homework assignment. Reveal the code that you have prepared so far, and point to the areas where those problems are occuring.

Alternatively, refer to the rules: "provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments"

commented: Time for Sam to get serious. +10
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plz write thee program in c++ i am serous fyi its u who is not understanding the question.

commented: It is you who is not understanding the rules, I doubt you even read them did you? -3
commented: Show some effort. -2
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Sam, you didn't ask a question. There are some folk that expect others to write apps for them and well, there are ways to get that done. Here I have to hire programmers if I don't want to write apps myself.

i am serous fyi

No, you're not.

its u who is not understanding the question.

Everyone here understands the question: "Will you write a program for free for a complete stranger who is too lazy to type 'please'?"

Out of curiosity, is this one yours too? http://brainly.in/question/437417

And Sam, if you're going to copy/paste the assignment verbatim, then copy and paste the assignment verbatim. You left out this part:

The output should display the categories and the corresponding frequencies, i.e, the number of students in each category in two columns.

from problem 6b from this link: www.kv3af2jamnagar.org/admin/downloads/1492489130paper_xi_sample3.doc

How am I supposed to spend my free time writing the program for you if you don't give me the full spec?

OK Sam, here's what I understand from your postings so far:

  1. You are too lazy to do your own homework
  2. You can't be bothered to read the rules here at DaniWeb
  3. You are happy to cheat
  4. You have no respect for the people you expect to do your work for you
  5. You do not understand the meaning of the word 'serious' in this context

Here's what you need to understand about my answers:

  1. I am an admin here
  2. I am telling why we will not do your homework for you
  3. If you are too lazy to be bothered to make any effort, nobody will bother to make any effort to help you

happygreek plz help me i am a begginer to C++.
i know only this much.


void main()


plz help me happygeek plz

anybody there to help me quickly

i know only this much.

void main()

Then you know two bad things (void main and iostream.h) and one thing that is useless for this assignment (conio.h). If you're currently being taught to use iostream.h, ask your professor why. I can't think of any legitimate reason for any NEW code to use iostream.h. The only semi-decent reason I can think of is that someone is dealing with legacy code using iostream.h and they don't want to mix the two and they don't see the point of porting the old code. None of which applies to little assignments like this, so I'm imagining that the real answer is "I learned C++ 20 years ago and it takes too much effort to keep myself current." YOU, of course, will have to unlearn that habit if you want to compete in the field, so less effort for the professor means more effort for you, and you don't strike me as someone who is willing to put in much effort, so consider dropping the class. Google iostream.h and most of the links will be why you shouldn't use it. Ditto with googling "void main". As for conio.h, as mentioned, there's nothing in this assignment that iostream can't handle, plus iostream is portable. Note I said iostream, not iostream.h. Use iostream, not conio.h.

That said, I have to wonder whether you're a troll or just displaying an extreme lack of situational awareness. Four people (including myself) who have the ability to help you have told you in one way or another that you won't get help with the way you are approaching this. Even if you think we're being unreasonable. it's in your best interests to humor us, if only to trick us. You're the one who needs help (supposedly) from us, so even if you're correct that we're a bunch of lame old fuddy-duddies who don't realize that the young cool crowd has better things to worry about than capitalizing words, using spell-check, and adding punctuation, I'll reiterate that four people have weighed in about what you need to get help. One of them is an admin for Heaven's sake, so he sort of makes the rules about what one must do to get help. Humor him. It's just the smart thing to do

But I think we're all calling BS on you anyway. If you "only know" iostream.h, void maid, and conio,h, again drop the class, because the rest of us had professors that taught us to crawl before running. This assignment requires use of arrays, accepting user input, if statements, loops, and displaying output in columns. To believe your story, we'd have to believe that your professor gave you an assignment requiring all five of them without teaching any of them individually first.

So I'll ask you again. Are you a troll or are you just lacking situational awareness?

It just occurred to me I spent more time creating this post than it would take me to write the program.

commented: Or they could pay for code? Companies do that all the time. +10

plz help me man

is it like this, i am using borland c++

void main()

int N;
cout<<"Enter the marks of the students";
cout<<"Very good";

is it like this

You know that won't compile and you know why it won't compile, so don't ask a question you know the answer to. A two second scan shows you are missing a semicolon and brackets. You're expected to ask questions WHEN YOU ARE STUCK. You aren't stuck. You're lazy. So put the semicolon/brackets in where you know they belong. You don't need help for that.


"capitalizing words, using spell-check, and adding punctuation"


"plz help me man"

I'm done with you. If you want to be treated seriously, stop with the leet-speak. You're not texting on a phone. You're programming, something that requires effort and attention to detail. I told you how to get help here and how not to. Clearly you don't want help. Remember, you need my help, I don't need yours. Act accordingly. Or continue to take the "No one tells me what to do, not even people helping for free" attitude. Makes no difference to me if you flunk.

Read happygeek's rules link. Use code tags for code. It takes one click of the mouse to do it. Show some respect. Read this several times.


My advice? Start a new thread with a new attitude and hope the people who might consider helping you don't find this thread. Or keep the same attitude and very likely get the same results. Your choice.

I was having some fun before responding to you, but fun's over. I have better things to do.

My tip. Forget that old compiler. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borland_C%2B%2B tells us this is pre-2000 and the only time to use it is for legacy systems. My choice for current C++ is outdated to some too. (gcc)

For classes I fall back to IDEONE.com since it's no install and I can share the results with folk in forums and same for your efforts.

However I get the impression you want folk to write this for you. That doesn't happen here. Read the above replies.

guys help me

Dear troll, I am now closing this thread. Please go have your fun elsewhere.

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