Hi, can anyone explain to make script downstream kbps and upstream kbps ? It's totally Different method from ubuntu, because my Os System still window 7. Every second downstream and upstream must change...
Thanks Before...


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I don't understand the question nor how it is related to python. I understand that you already have a script for Ubuntu, can you post that script or a link to it ?

No, i don't have script for linux , just have a method about import and method for if config
Here's for sample

$speedtest.py Eth0

Upstream : 12/Kbps
Downstream : 6/Kbps

A google search yields speedtest-cli which does just that. I don't know if it works in windows, but the author(s) put it in

Operating System :: OS Independent

so it may work.

Google and Pypi may have other results.

It's work, but this is just auto method. With speedtest-cli --bytes i can see speed of upload and download in Mbytes/s...
I search from the google , ifconfig eth0 in windows is ipconfig /all but i can see bytes values from ipconfig /all

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