So this is more work onto the project I've been working on with the browser and search database stuff, so here goes. I'm attempting to have a large amount of .txt documents stored on an ftp server, and then allow these files to be downloaded, edited, and so on so forth by an ftp client on my pc. I attempted to use FileZilla to host it, but kept getting an error saying the server intentionally refused connection (if you know why it did that feel free to let me know)

So this leads me to my question: Is there a way to host an ftp server using Python itself? I would prefer it be FTP but HTTP or other forms of servers would be fine, as long as I can upload and download files using it.

To help clarify:
-I want to write a code that would allow me to host the aforementioned server types using python itself, no third party content involved. If there isn't a way to do this, then I would be happy to accept any help from anybody. Thanks in advance!

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I don't understand why you need python to install an ftp server (you probably mean an sftp server). There must be a standard way to install an sftp server for your OS. Also I don't understand the "no third party content" part. Can you explain all this.

Sorry Gribouillis, I should have been more specific.
Alright what I'm attempting to do is host a server on python. Like I said, it could be any type of server (I included sftp in that) and the reason I wanted to host it using Python is because the convenience of having it hosted that way. If you can recommend a better form of hosting besides FileZilla (it doesn't work on my OS for some reason) I would be happy to use it that way. What I meant by third party content is an outside program besides python.
Hope this helped, if you have any more questions feel free to ask.

The usual python module for ssh is paramiko. In principle, you can start your own sftp server with paramiko. You can also search pypi, some modules are listed such as pysftpserver and sftpserver. You could try them.

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