1. Airline Reservation System
    Green Dot airline has just purchased a computer for its new automated reservation system. You have been asked to program the new system. You are to write a program to assign seats on each flight of the airline’s only plane. Assume the plane has 6 rows with 2 seats in each row. First 4 rows make up the non-smoking section, and the last 2 rows the smoking section.
    Your program should perform the following tasks :
    (a) Display a menu system as follows :-
    • If choice is A, Add a person to the flight or waiting list.(see part 2) • If choice is B, Remove a passenger from the flight. (see part 4)
    • If choice is C, Display Seating arrangment (see part 5)
    • If choice is D, Display the waiting list
    • If choice is E, Quit from the system.
    (b) Create your own screen design

  2. Reserve a seat
    When a customer wants to reserve a seat, you should do following:
    a) Request for passenger’s name
    b) Ask passenger’s preference: smoking or non-smoking
    c) Check if any seats of selected category (smoking/non-smoking) are available. If yes,
    allocate a seat and printout a ticket.
    d) If seats in selected area is not available, check if there is any seat in the other section, if
    yes, ask whether customer wants to be in the other section. If yes, allocate the seat, and printout a ticket. Otherwise, put him/her in the waiting list, and display a message like “Sorry, the flight is full. You will be put in the waiting list....”
    e) Enter date of transaction.

  3. Cancel a reservation
    When a customer wants to cancel a reservation, the program will do following.
    a) Request for the passenger’s name
    b) Search the seating chart for passenger’s name and delete it.
    c) If the waiting list is empty, update the array so that the seat is available for the other
    d) If the waiting list is not empty, get the first person in the waiting list who opted for the same
    seating category, and allocate the seat to them. Print out the ticket.

  4. Display Seat arrangement
    Create your own output screen design to show the seating arrangement.

  5. Display the waiting list
    Design your output to show the waiting list.

  1. The CTO of the airline has changed the requirement to include a web based system. Implement this in a LAMP system.

Your top post sounds like homework. You'll have to show your work and tell where you are stuck. My item 6 is my way of noting no one I know is going with C++ today on such a system.

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