I've just started a class to learn automation testing via Selenium.

I'm using Firefox 61.0.2 (64-bit)

I'm noticing a possible bug; not something major, but something that prevents efficiency:

When attempting to load a saved project into the IDE via Open Project or through drag-and-drop, it does not load. Usually this requires closing/reopening the IDE and both methods to open a previous project will then load correctly.

1) My question in reference to this: has anyone experienced this, is it a known bug, and is it a good idea to simply revert to an earlier version of Firefox to remedy this?

2) My other question is in reference to the type of file that the project/case is saved as: the class I'm taking states the test will be saved as HTML when in fact it is saved as a .side file. I do not see options in the version of Selenium to choose file type to save as.

I never heard of a .side file so I googled it; beside finding references to .side, I can find no definition of what sort of file this is. After further research I'm making the assumption ".side" stands for "Selenium IDE" file. Is this correct?

Thanks for any assistance.

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Thanks, rproffitt

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