Are you a student studying programming from home? Are you an employee who is working from home for the time being? Or are you a self-employed freelancer?

Has your work shifted during this time?

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I work in a warehouse that distributes food. All this, panic and hysteria that's been hitting the grocery stores, means more work than we can handle.

Working from home until 31 March.

I'm always coding from home. But for fun, not profit (retired). My younger son (in Winnipeg) is still going to the office but they are considering splitting the work week into two three-day shifts to minimize contact. One shift would be Mon-Wed-Fri and the other Tue-Thu-Sat. They have also been considering work-from-home but until Covid-19 they have always vetoed that for security reasons. Fortunately they have cancelled all meetings. My older son (in Cambridge) is working from home, but as a researcher, most of his work takes place between his ears (computational biophysics) and on his computer, and he can conference with collaborators via Skype.

I'm retired and are looking to code from home for the CoderDojo ninjas ( Belgium Zwalm )

Somewhere about 2000 I stopped going to work and did the consultant/programmer/designer thing. A lot of my former coworkers did the same.


This is so me

Looks about right!

I'm retired but enjoy coding for fun. Self isolating with my wife so we can care for my 87 year old father in law. Can I get plenty done? No chance. He is suffering from sciatica and as soon as my wife or I sit down to do something he wants something else done. Never mind, he has been my father in law for 36 years and I love him to bits. There will be plenty of time to spend coding but who knows how much time we will spend with my father in law!


Look like is a good time for you to spend with your father in law.

Yep, forced to work at home.

Wow, crazy to think I posted this 5 months ago and the world is still exactly the same where I am. Still not leaving the house at all.

The same? When we left Winnipeg at the end of May Manitoba was down to 4 active cases. Now we are at 235. Almost makes me want to stay at the lake.

Coding from "home" is something i have been doing since 1994, what has changed is social isolation and changed habits, like even shopping which we used to do weekly is now fortnightly. From a business perspective it is difficult to gain new customers, when a lot of them aren't even open! oh dear, I guess it will pass some time just like the "flu season" perhaps - as afterall even the flu is a coronavirus...

It's been 2 months since I'm working from home. Doing programming in a very chill environment. :-D

My younger son's entire department has been working from home for several months (IT/programming). According to all metrics, productivity has gone up.

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