self.image1 = PhotoImage(file="/home/sane/Documents/mathfox/a.ppm")
Label(self.frame1, image = self.image1).place(relwidth = 1, relheight = 1)

I would like to put my image behind all the other widgets, but I don't know why it keeps overlapping other content of whole function. Anyone?

Missing a lot of data on what you are working on.

However in HTML there is a CSS property called 'z-index' which is like the 3rd dimension on a web page, you know X for length, Y for height and Z is depth.

So in theory if you get the main HTML element for your widget and say <div style="z-index:-10;"> it will start being behind anything higher than -10 z-index depending on how all of your elements on the page are nested.

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