I have created awhile ago in VS2017 an application [application A] with CR sp21 which works fine.
Now Ihave another application [application B] created in vs2019 with CR sp29.
When I install app B on the same pc where App A is installed the CR wont work so I installed CR runtime sp29 and app B works, but app A returns an error see attach.
How can I have both app working.


This is from old memory. Had to load up the old app and recompile with current SP.

Thanks rproffitt for your reply.
What do you mean by old memory.
If By recompliling you mean rebuild/ republish it, it didn't work the problem still precistes.

"old memory" = human brain cell memory from years ago.

And I mean that we can't mix SP versions in the dev systems or the targets.

Thanks rproffitt
after removing sp21 and updated the references the reports from both apps work fine.

commented: Thank you for the update. Sorry if I was unclear but this bit us over a decade ago. +15
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