Using Java 2 method and basic dialog Create Best Pharmacy Billing System

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To create such would require what we call a requirements document. Your post supplied two sentences and as such falls flat as to requirements.

Beyond that, no one I know would write such a thing in just Java. Today you would create your requirements and design documents, get approval and then begin development. My thought is that it would more likely be another web site with the usual backend of SQL, PHP and such. Java might not be used but a safe bet is that Javascript would be seen on the frontend along with HTML.

There's a lot more such as proper security for the site, logins and data but you would call that out in your documents.

I think they are looking for a simple trainee exercise, not a commercial-grade full system.

What's "Java 2"? We're currently on Java 15.

commented: I can only hope the teacher handed out a better description of the exercise. +15

"Java 2": Oh yes. That label was created for Java version 1.2 (released December 1998). It was dropped after version 5 (released September 2004).

Looks like a teacher somewhere has failed to update his/her teaching materials for a decade or two. Very worrying.

commented: "Today we'll learn to use a rotary dial phone and the IBM Selectric Typewriter." - Same teacher most likely. +0

It's time to do your own homework, kiddo.
We're not your free homework service.

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