Hello All, I just want to know what the average salary of python developer in india and Can anyone know which country gives the most salary?

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Here there is a push for a minimum 15 USD hourly wage. While I'd expect much more for good programmers you limited this to "python developer."

In all the work I've done I've had to use my knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL and other technologies to work on the project. So hey, pay for just a python developer alone may be a fraction of what might be called a FULL STACK Developer.

In the USA the salary range for the full stack developer typically falls between $82,022 and $108,617 USD.
Not to upset you but a Python only developer would be closer to intern pay or minimum wage.

Thanks for great information! I have also done the reearch and In India the salary will depend on the job role. I have found the information with help of this https://www.interviewbit.com/blog/python-developer-salary-in-india/

Job Role Average Salary
Python Web Developer ₹427,293
Data Scientist ₹822,895
Machine Learning Engineer ₹701,354
DevOps Engineer ₹707,786
Python Software Developer ₹573,220

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