I am have a website up that allows people to register for a newsletter, then I wrote a small app in .net so that I can log in and enter the body text of the newsletter and send it to the list. My question is (sorry if this is elementary)... is there sample code somewhere that will provide me with an interface like the one that I am using here to enter this message to compose the body text of the email? So that I can format the font, color, indent, bullets, etc?


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This is a little more involved than you might think. Basically, what you have to do is write all the HTML markup yourself through your code.

There are a bunch of free "RichTextBox" editor controls out there you can use that employ JavaScript or even just plain Java to return a string that's already HTML formatted based on what buttons the user pressed to format the text. You might want to try Googling "Rich Text ASP.NET" or something similar, and find a control that appeals to you.

Generally with those, you can include them in your solution, build it, and when you write code to get the text from it, it should mostly work like your standard ASP.NET Textbox.

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