I have a page that a client asked me to make that consists of the following:

Repeater1 (Client Data)
    Label1 = Number of Records
    Repeater2 (More data where ClientID supplied = ClientID on the table) (Limit 4 recs)
    Label2 = Number of Records
    Repeater3 (More data where ClientID supplied = ClientID on the table) (limit 12 recs)
    Label3 = Number of Records
    Repeater4 (More data where ClientID supplied = ClientID on the table) (limit 25 recs)
end repeater

How would you suggest I handle this to eliminate 4 separate queries hitting the database? This is all expecting that I will use the following queries based upon the situation above:
Repeater1 = "SELECT *, (SELECT COUNT(ID) FROM Table1) As Count1, (SELECT COUNT(ID) FROM Table2) As Count2, (SELECT COUNT(ID) FROM Table3) As Count3, FROM Table4 WHERE ID=ID"

How would you suggest I tap the other repeaters along with the first, if it is possible? Please give me suggestions.. should I use a DataSet or just a DataReader? Anything will help. Thank you.

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Nevermind, I resolved it. By including many select statements in one, I can then use the "with" statement and bind the rest that way. Thanks anyway!


Nevermind... as I thought I solved it, my data provider does not allow multiple queries (Odbc). Any suggestions in combining these queries above? The only thing common they share are the User's ID. I am horrible at creating MySQL queries that are joined or unioned with other selects. Thanks.

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