Hey everyone,

I'm looking to create an asp.net calculator but not exactly like most of the examples you'd find on the web. Basically all I want is a textbox field where you'd type an integer followed by one of four basic math ops and then display the solution in the same box.

This is basically how the local windows calc works except i dont want any of the buttons just the math functionality with the use of keyboard keys and the textbox field. It probably needs to use clientside javascript or ajax to avoid postbacks after each key press. Anyone have ideas or examples? Thanks! :)

Why do this in ASP.NET at all? You could do this in JavaScript entirely. Are you eventually going to take the value generated from the calculator and use it in some kind of business logic? That's the only time you'd need to employ the server-side stuff like ASP.NET

What code have you written so far? Have you had any specific issues attempting this project. It's generally not a good idea to simply come on a forum, and ask for a whole solution like this. Instead, give it a shot yourself, and then ask us to provide pointers on your code.