Hiya all. I have a bit of a problem Im developing an online music library

I want to know if its possible to have a function for my application that when a user/member is logged in and they choose to add a track to their personal music library how can I keep this information so that when they log in after login out that page will have that data for instance

Track Name Description blabla blabla

Falling blabla blabla blabla

Add to library

and you press add to library then it adds to whatever track the member has in their personal library sort of like the add to cart in an e-commerce site

I would be greatfull if Anybody could show me the way.


Your best bet you would be store all the users information in a database like MySQL. That way it would persist across sessions.

My personal opinion on learning PHP is to by a book, but there are plenty of tutorials out there that can teach you how to do it.

Once you know what you are doing it is THE resource, but if don't have a handle of PHP it's utterly useless. At least IMO.