I m going to create a web site, but i m not good in it . A frind of mine is going to help me but he isnt here now. We got the domain and the host but still didnt got the cript. I found some free scripts on the net but they are in codes. Can any plz help me how to open this scipts? I have Ftp and macromedia dream wave.

Dreamweaver should open the php scripts just fine. Just open the file.

yes , you can open the file with dreamwaver all you need to do is open it file with the open menu and the but you to do some configuration on the dreamwaver site to enable the function

I open it in dream waves but its in codes. What I want is if any one can tel me the steps how to see the script will look in the internet.

Well, yes, scripts ARE "codes". You are not going to be able to just throw random files into your project and expect them to work. You will have to learn how to integrate PHP into your site.

See the following page for info on working with PHP in Dreamweaver.

Thanx, I will try workin on it. accept too other sugestions.

Thanx for the link . The problem i m facin now is : I opened the file with dream wave saved it. then opened it in ftp and uplouded to the site. The file name is index.php. What i need is how too see it in the internet. For exp www.*****.com..........

You shouldn't upload it to your production server, especially if it are scripts you don't understand the working off. I'd advice you to get a local server, if your on windows is wamp an very easy option.

If you already uploaded it and got the domain to point at a server just FTP it to the folder of your domain on your server. On that free hosts I had it was, if I remember correctly, the htdocs folder that was the domain folder.

But I'd say you better wait for that friend of yours to help you.

thanx Anonimusius! I phoned to my frind and he told me we shoul create a database then it will work. By the way can u tell me how to create it?