Greetings all,
I'm in the process of writing my own forums. I'd like to insert a 'teaser', showing a few lines of a post, displayed when a user rolls over a thread link. Much the same as happens here on daniweb.
Can somebody please explain how this is done.
Thanks, in advance

Use php to prepare the preview text and echo some javascript that will display the teaser.

My suggestion if you are as unskilled in javascript as I am, would be to first let php echo some invisible divs each next to the thread link which will have the preview inside them, and use the javascript to set them to visible when the user's mouse hovers. The divs should be absolutely positioned with css, and have a z-index higher than the close by elements, to ensure it hovers over them.

It's not what I would call ideal, but it's what I would do with my current skill level.

It is done with the title attribute with the link

<a href="" title="This is blah" >blah</a>

Will show This is blah when hovering over the link

Thanks ShawnCplus,
Exactly what I needed. Thanks also to scru, for your input.

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