i am doing online railway reservation project in vb.net. i want to know when i click on one radiobutton of trainno and then after clicking on submit button it display corresponding routes from database. i am using oracle as backend.please tell me urgently.

u can use "select" query with "where" condition to get data from the database.the condition should be train no,if u have table in oracle contianing trainno and routes of that specified train no as columns .u can display this data in the form of a datagrid,there are many controls in which we can display this data like repeater or datalist.

in your database you should have a primary key. this should be a unique number to identify each train you have on course. with this, you can use your sql SELECT statement to get the information you want
for example,
SELECT * from Trains WHERE TrainID = "354523"

imports system.data
imports system.data.sqlclient

public class form 1
 dim con as new sqlconnection = _
("server = localhost; database = databasename; user id = sdsfj; passwor = nhsdu")
dim objdataadapter as dataadpter
dim objdataset as dataset 

privates sub button1_clicked 
if radiobutton1.checked = true then 
with objdataadapter 
.selectcommand =    dim strget as as string = "SELECT * FROM train WHERE trainID "'+radiobutton1.
objdata.fill(objdataset, train)
with datagridview1

write codes here to display the data on a datagrid using a for..next loop
end with

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