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Hi there

heres the script


it works fine in IE but doesnt work at all in Firefox, can anyone tell me how I can get it working in firefox.

Best Regards


In IExplorer, you have to the document.documentElement.clientHeight and the document.documentElement.clientWidth properties. In all other browsers, including firefox, use the window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight properties. To diifer between the two browsers, use the code:
if(navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer")
//clientWidth properties and code here
//innerWidth properties and code here


I was having the same problem with this script, and it was driving me crazy! I compared the source code on the Dynamic Drive demo page, and combed through it to find the problem. The problem is not with the script itself, but with the DOCTYPE tag at the top of your page. Remove the <DOCTYPE> tag completely. The tag should read <html>, and then the script should work fine in Firefox.


wow, a simple doctype was messing something up eh? i really hate doctype its nice to hear it was on this side of the problem


Using a "strict" DTD effectively 'blocks' attributes and elements that are being phased out.

Instead of removing the DTD completely, using an appropriate "transitional" one would also have solved the problem.


well what elements and attttributes atre being phased out ?
so i dont have to worry about it and just avoid them instead where can i get this kind of information on the ones that are being fased out does anyone know? caus ei hate doctypes


The easiest way to find out what is being 'suppressed' in a given page is to submit the page in question to a validator with the "strict" DTD and read the warnings/errors.


no, not in given page im looking for overall what attributes are fading in the web design world so i wont have to make any changes a few years from now when they phase out completely.

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