i have installled IIS .
but when i try to open up http://localhost ... it says page cannot be displayed .....
what i have to do ....
i even tried with my computer name .. same error page cannot be displayed

using xp pro sp2 ? what do i have to do more ?
any help would be appreciated .

i have no clue abt asp just started first day today
so looking for as much help i cna get

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call your web page index.asp and put it in the web directory (i think its c:\ wwwroot) and try again

hey thx mate for the help ..
but it didnt helped ..
wonder why it yet syas page cannot be found

try and see if you can browse by

Also open up the services panel...
click Start -> Run type "services.msc" this will bring up your services panel. check to see it IIS services are running. While at this panel also check to see if WWW or web publishing is their if it is check if it is running. Otherwise, turn them on.

If all is good then click Start->Control Panel->Computer Administrative Tools->Internet Information Services
In IIS console expand the plus sign to "Default Website" Right click select properties. in Documents tab if you do not see index.asp or default.asp -- Add them and click OK. Check to see if your pages can be displayed now.

Make sure us are logged in as Administrator
Good Luck
Use my suggestion at your own risk... zhk

Open the properties window for the website in question ( the fifth image from top to bottom on the step-by-step tutorial at http://www.razorx.com/tutorials/IISonXPPro/).

Then click on the "Home Directory" tab. Make sure that "Execute Permissions" is set to "Scripts Only" at the very least.

If after this, the problem persists, on that same tab, click on the "Configuration" button.

Then on the pop-up window you will see three tabs. You need the one labeled "Mappings". Make sure that under "Application Mappings" you have ".asp" listed in extensions. If it is not there then it was not registered properly when you installed IIS. So you would need to re-install IIS.

i am totally clueless yet ....

do i need anything more then IIS ? xp pro sp2
even the localhost

this is the message i get for http://localhost ( )"Cool! My own server home page. " --- but this can be de to the html code
{{{ Using Notepad or Dreamweaver, just write a simple index.htm test document and then save it into your C:\Inetpub\wwwroot directory.

<title>Home page test</title>
<div align="center">Cool! My own server home page.</div>
or do we need this code

i am all at bay as of now yet --- i tried what hielo and zhk said till now ? any more help
am i missin sumthing ??

Label me no asp expert because I usually deal with aspx pages but let me try to help.

possible solution #1: Did you create a application out of your site folder located in your wwwroot directory? If not go to IIS and click on your site. If it doesn't display as a small icon of an open box with a small world inside it, then it's not an application. in other words, the icon will display as a plain vanilla folder.

If that's the case, then right click on your site and click on properties. Go down to where it says application name and click on 'create'. After that click on the 'documents' tab and add your default pages. For example yours would be 'index.html.' try that or...

possible solution #2: You might have to have to map the htm extension to the httpHandlers element in your Web.config file since it's probably not already mapped.

adding <add path="*.htm" verb="*" type="System.Web.StaticFileHandler" /> to that element should work.

BTW, I'm not a genius,...I got the the second possible solutions from this link:

just in case you don't have the handlers because I just checked some of my webconfig files on my work computer and didnt have them, you might be able to get a way with adding this to your webconfig file :

<add path="*.htm" verb="*" type="System.Web.StaticFileHandler" />


Here's the link that explains how to do that: http://www.15seconds.com/issue/020417.htm

IF all you see on the browser is:
Cool! My own server home page.

Then your server is running correctly. The browser will not display the HTML markup. As a matter of fact, if you really want to see the html markup, open your page via Firefox and hit Ctrl+U to view the HTML, OR in IE, click View > source.

hey hielo ....

but the query yet aint solve
i yet cant rus the asp files ...

how do i get them working ... ?

check whther the IIS is running
check whther u have created a virtual directory
if virtual directory is created then
put html file into it and run it on browser.
if it is running then rename its extension to asp and check whther it is running or not?
It must run. else let me kmw.

@ shailesh

i am new to asp so some stuff u said was over my head stuff .....

the IIS is runnin -- i checked it

virtual directory ? whatz tht and how to create one

right click on default web site and then new and virtual entering data and then next...


it works when ran in htm (not when html extension )
and it doesnt work when i change it to .asp ... shows page cannot be display error again

give me the url that u typed in browser.
the whole location of the asp file.

give me the url u specified in the browser.
and also the real location of the asp file.

why double post?


<title> title of page </title>
this is my first home page<br>
<b> this text is bold </b>
<h1> heading 1 </h1>
<h6> heading 6 </h6>

the asp content whihc i tried was from text book of current time
and u said before i even changed the extension of the above to asp and try to run but yet page cannot be displayed

You have attempted to execute a CGI, ISAPI, or other executable program from a directory that does not allow programs to be executed.

r u getting this type of error message

hmmmm naah ...

i never got any error message ...

only page cannot be displayed so have no clue whatz wrong or whatz more needed to run asp

Well its seems that from your IIS Active Server Pages are not allowed in web services extensions, to Allow the ASP Go to IIS Manager and see left side in tree view you'll find "web services extensions" Click on it and you now the right side window there look for Active Server Pages and Allow them Yeah! you have Done, Test asp page Now that will Run :)

Hope this will Help You,

Rahul Dev Katarey

I cannot c the web server extensions in IIS manager

it only shows web sites
and default SMTP virtual server

you think something is amiss ?

i triend to attach the screenshot but i couldnt

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