hey I am trying to understand java server faces ... if anyone of you has any sample (may be for the beginners... anything?) application ... can you plz mail to
plz also tell mewht I need to do in order to execute the application ...

www.corejsf.com is a good place.

I don't want to discourage you, but JSF is a hard technology to master if you're writing big applications (although the basics of it aren't too bad to learn).

One of my pointers is to learn upfront the six phases of the JSF lifecycle and what happens in each lifecycle. If you don't understand the lifecycle, you'll find that JSF does things you don't expect (or doesn't do things you expect). It's tempting to skip this chapter in the JSF book, because it's boring , hard to understand, and in some books is in the back of the book, but trust me, it's important! If you don't have a book, in addition to www.corejsf.com, try http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/library/j-jsf2/?ca=drs-j0905.

Also, I know as a beginner you're probably not interested in doing this, but if you run into a problem you just can't figure out, I recommend digging through the MyFaces source code to see what's actually going on. I've probably learned more from the MyFaces code than any JSF book. Often the books don't help you debug unexpected problems. (MyFaces is an open source implementation of JSF)

Good luck.