On my website, I have an Iframe open up when a user clicks 'run report' and then the iframe submits the information that is given to it from the initial page to parse the report through an xslt and then spit out a word document.

I need to find a way to get around microsoft's "disable auto prompting for file download" setting as some of my users do not have access to their security settings to change this.

I need the Iframe to close as soon as the document is ready to open. We are not equipped to use AJAX at this time and there are no plans for it in the near future.

I have tried having the javascript that opens the iframe submit the parent form, I have tried having the iframe navigate to a new URL with all the post information present so that the page itself could do the loading, and I have tried having the iframe simply submit its own form when it opens.

All of these methods were blocked by the same security setting in Internet Explorer 7

Unfortunately, you can't do that. IE 7 was set up so it HAS to prompt the user to confirm file downloads. ..

The trouble is when the prompting is disabled it won't let the user download the reports since it won't display a prompt, so I need to know how to force it do display the prompt.

I have no desire to force an auto download because users may realize they ran the wrong report.