How are editable consent forms created? Am I supposed to use text files that can be modified by the admin? Or am I supposed to put the text in a the database? What is the norm? Thanks in advance.

Using a form you can have the user type in there data and then onsubmit, link to another page. On that page you should have the writing to a text file all the seperate data on different lines. If you want you can have it write to two text files and make it so only one of them can have data deleated from, therefore creating an admin accound. Obviously this is a simple way a much more complex and reliable way would be to use a database. If you give me an idea of what you want i could write the code for you.

Thanks for the reply. But I wish to create consent forms. Where the user views the agreement and then hits the submit button. I need to give the admin the right to edit the text displayed in the consent form. What is the norm for doing this? Do I save the text in the database or should I create text files?

What is the norm for doing this? Do I save the text in the database or should I create text files?

Forget the norm. Do what best suits you.

If your site is not already run on a database, creating one *just* for the consent form can be expensive. In that case I would stick with the text file.

However, if the site is already run on a database, maintaining this feature through the database will not take much effort at all, and I most likely would suggest you do that.

There would also be other factors for you. My advice would be to weigh in the rpos and the cons to each, crossing out or amplifying each ones that apply to you according to you situation. In the end, you should pick hat is the best fit for your website, and not something else for the sake of conforming to the norm.

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