Hello, I want people to tickmark som items in a table and when they click on submit button the items they have tickmarked should be listed in an email to me. How do I do this in HTML and where exactly do I add the code. I know very little about codes and have created a website entirely using frontpage options.
Hope someone can help me. Thanking you !

To do that you need to learn a JavaScript or server side scripting language such as ASP, PHP etc... Your submit button will call a JavaScript fuction which will send email or goto an server side page which will generate it, whatever you choose.

Hm, I was hoping to fix it with HTML. Do you know a bit of code that can do the above? Or do you know a work around? Is there a simple code that can be given to a button so that people easily can copy the tickmarked material from the table simply by clicking on my own Copy Button? Hmmm, seems to be quite difficult.

Sorry. The way the web works is simple:

1. Create a page, using HTML, HTML forms, and whatever JavaScript and/or CSS is needed to perform client-side functions.

2. Create a server-side program, using PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, or CGI, to process the data sent by the HTML form or query.

In your case, you build a standard HTML form with a submit button. When the data is submitted, something has to process it and generate an email. You'll have to learn a server-side language for this. I recommend PHP.

Think of it this way: what would generate an email? A web browser isn't an email program. So it couldn't send the email. Couldn't the browser maybe talk to the client's email program, and let it send an email? Sure... if they have an email program. And which one would it be? Outlook? Thunderbird? And do we really want a web page to be able to send emails through my email program? Sounds a bit like a virus, or spyware.

Hopefully you can see that in order for a web application to generate emails, it has to have a server-side component.

P.S. Where in Denmark are you? I spent some time in Silkeborg working for Jyske Bank. Loved it!