Hey guys,

I'm looking at taking a PHP course in the spring. The prof and I get along well, and she said I could waive the college's prerequisites and sign up if I wanted to. The prerequisites (in the college catalog) are a couple of HTML courses.

My question is this: should I be ok with signing up for the PHP class if I know very little HTML? Is PHP highly dependant on HTML? I've taken C++ and VB.NET, so I understand programming logic from an application point of view; will this help me in PHP?

Thanks for any advice!

Well, PHP is as dependent on HTML as any language that generates web pages. If you don't know HTML PHP won't do you much good as you will have difficulty displaying the results of your PHP processing since for all practical purposes the purpose of PHP is to generate HTML.

If you know basics of HTML I think you can get along well with the lessons.HTML is very easy to learn. Goodluck.

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