I m trying to run my php script using the xampp on Fedora linux.
I ve sucessfully started xampp.And tested using
It works well....
But when i try to run my file (php or html)it does nt work..
I put my file exp.html [or exp.php] in the "lampp/htdocs/" directory...
And give "http://localhost/exp.html"
It shows a message:::"File not found"....

One more ridiculous thing i observed....
If i change the name of some pre existing file of xampp
eg. "/htdocs/xampp/start.php" to "/htdocs/xampp/start1.php"
now i give "http://localhost/xampp/start1.php" in the browser it again gives the error message::File not found

Thanks in advance...
Seeking for a quick reply...

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Well, check DocumentRoot in httpd.conf . Also check <Directory "path/of/your/files"> in the same file. I guess they aren't properly configured.


Make sure XAMPP is running AND make sure you don't have another instance of httpd running. I think on Fedora you find this info under "Services." If you can't find it there try this at the command line:

> sudo apache2ctl stop

Enter your password when prompted.
Your shell will let you know if Apache is running or not.

Then try this:

> sudo /opt/lampp/lampp restart

Again, enter your password.
Your shell will tell you what's up.

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